[openbox] epist better than bbkeys BUT....

Ava Arachne Jarvis ajar at katanalynx.dyndns.org
Sun Nov 10 20:49:44 EST 2002

[cnerone at freemail.it - Sun, 10 Nov 2002 04:22:36 PM CST]
> ...but I think would be very usefull the feature similar to bbkeys to show
> window names in the center of the screen when we strike the "nextwindow" or
> "previouswindow" key. If we set stackedcycling option we have a similar thing
> but on bottom toolbar that can be not shown because a windows is over it (i.e.:
> a maximized window, or a window moved down or a fullscreen window like galeon
> fullscreen (by this function the screen is full of it and no other things).

Make the toolbar always-on-top and not auto-hide?  (Which is what I do.)
Of course, if we had that, that would make it easier to get rid of the
toolbar for those of us that don't like it.  :)

I think it would also be useful to show the current key-chain, e.g.
Mod4-x-Mod4-c, and possible completions perhaps, a la Emacs/Vim.  And have
something that cancels a key-chain.

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