Anyone else seeing this?

Bryan Ericson ericson at
Mon Nov 4 16:51:58 EST 2002

Hello All -

I think I've discovered a cosmetic bug in Openbox.  If you click and
hold your mouse pointer in a window title bar and then move the mouse
very quickly (that is, drag a window, but the first part of the drag
must be very fast), the position of the pointer and the position of the
title bar get out of sync.  If you move your mouse up, for example, the
pointer on the screen will end up above the title bar.  Moving the mouse
will move the window appropriately, although the pointer is no longer
on the title bar.

I have opaque moving turned on, but the problem is also present with
opaque moving turned off.  I haven't looked at the code yet (soooo many
projects, so little time :-( ), but at first glance it seems to me that
the window frame isn't "grabbed" until after the first mouse movement
after the mouse-down event.  When the mouse is moved, the frame is
"grabbed" and the window can be dragged normally, but the delay between
mouse-down and mouse-move can allow for the pointer and the frame to get
out of sync.

My guess is this will show up more on slower computers, where there is a
(slightly) longer delay between interrupt events generated by the mouse.
FWIW, I'm using openbox on FreeBSD, but I seriously doubt that makes any


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