[obdgpslogger] obdlogger scanner compatibility

ken f bmw at newcultures.com
Mon Feb 23 11:18:42 EST 2015

On 02/23/2015 02:36 AM, Alison Chaiken wrote:
>> In looking for scantool adapters, I ran across the OBDLink MX WiFi Scan Tool:
>> http://www.scantool.net/scan-tools/pc-based/obdlink-mxwf.html
> That's the scan tool I've used with OBDgpslogger on my 2005 Mazda 3.
> I've read OBDII plus HS- and MS-CAN with the OBDLink MX.    You will
> need a scantool like OBDLink MX with the STN1110 chip instead of the
> cheaper ELM327a if you want to read buses other than OBDII.
> HTH,
> Alison

Also, some scanners are faster than others at fetching and delivering 
data from the vehicle's computer.  The Scantool brand has a better 
reputation than others in this regard, but I'd still like to see data to 
confirm that.  I bought one a long time from secons.com (in the Czech 
Republic) and had problems getting it to run at 38k baud.

Another problem I had with mine was from heat.  I left it in my car one 
summer days when it was sunny and hot outside.  As happens when you have 
to lock up a car, it got pretty hot inside and that was the end of that 

I bring up these issues here just to point out that compatibility isn't 
the only concern we should have when investing in a scanner.  Also, I'm 
looking for a new one and don't want to make all the same mistakes with 
my next purchase.

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