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Jason McCarver slam at parasite.cc
Tue May 27 16:42:10 EDT 2014


I've been attempting to use the perl Device::ELM327 module with obdsim.  I've run into a problem :)  The module turns headers on (ATH1) and sets the protocol to automatic.  When it sends any non-AT command to the ECU it is expecting headers to be present but because the protocol mode is automatic, obdsim doesn't generate any headers (see render_obdheader() in src/sim/mainloop.cc).

When I use the perl module with a physical ELM327 device, there are headers present like the module expects.

I'm not sure what the fix here is, I hacked obdsim to generate headers as if it were protocol J1850PWM.  I'm sure this is the wrong way to go about it but that did get it working with Device::ELM327.

Any ideas?  Am I missing something obvious here (I wouldn't be surprised!)


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