[obdgpslogger] Not reading OBDLink SX

Josh Miller joshua at itsecureadmin.com
Thu Mar 8 18:19:20 EST 2012


I am running obdgpslogger 0.16 on a GlobalScale D2Plug (armv7) running ubuntu 10.04 using the Scantool.net OBDLink SX USB scanner with BU-353 GPS.  Also, using a 2000 Dakota.

The GPS works great, using gpsd 2.92.

I'm not able to read OBD data using obdgpslogger, although I am able to read directly attaching to the serial device using screen:

# obdgpslogger -s /dev/obd -p -b 0
Opening serial port /dev/obd, this can take a while
Baudrate guessing: 9600, 38400, 115200, 57600, 2400, 1200, Couldn't guess baudrate
Error modifying baudrate. Continuing, but may suffer issues
Successfully connected to serial port. Will log obd data
Your OBD Device claims to support PIDs:
PID: [column] human_name
Couldn't get obd bytes for cmd 00
00: [unknown] PIDs supported 00-20

…and obdgpslogger exits there.

If I connect via screen, I can get something like the following:

screen /dev/obd 115200

(get a prompt >)

send     >ATZ 
receive >LM327 v1.3a80 00 

And I can submit codes and get responses.

An strace on the above obdgpslogger command, doesn't appear to reveal anything interesting other than sending of the ATZ, ATE0, ATL0, ATS0 commands.

When issuing these AT commands from the screen interface, I get:

ATZ -> >LM327 v1.3a
ATE0 -> (no return)

Anybody see anything like this?  Have any pointers for continuing to troubleshoot?


Joshua Miller
ITSA Consulting, LLC

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