[obdgpslogger] Changing default columns doesn't change OBDSIM

Gary Briggs chunky at icculus.org
Fri Jul 16 17:27:45 EDT 2010

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 03:43:56PM -0400, Robert Konigsberg wrote:
> OK, that video is hot stuff. I want a Plug.

Yeah, I love mine :-D

> I managed to tweak the GUI as I needed, but yesterday when doing a test
> drive, some data that did appear in the raw output didn't seem to appear on
> the display. Dunno, I may just need to test.

Maybe you skipped the parsing bit in loggerhandler?

> > 3) Which columns the sim simulates, each generator decides for itself.
> > Cycle [the default] and Random both just generate numbers on the first
> > 0x19 PIDs IIRC. The GUI data generator only generates for the usual five
> > suspects I always use. The Logger generator only generates data from the
> > columns it has in the logfile you're simulating. The Error generator
> > only returns values for PIDs 0x00 and 0x01
> > [man 1 obdsim actually gives a pretty good explanation of how generators
> > work, IIRC, although it doesn't explain the PIDs chosen]
> >
> >
> > So the final columns you see in your output are the intersection of all
> > those things. [eg, if the sim is only simulating 0x05, and logger is
> > only set to read 0x12, you're gonna have a really boring day].
> >
> Sounds like I need to make the sim do stuff. Or, just drive around some
> more.

Definitely the second :-D

Gary (-;

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