[obdgpslogger] New Release: 0.14

Gary Briggs chunky at icculus.org
Fri Apr 2 23:57:41 EDT 2010

Short version:
Serial comms broken into separate library, support baudrate guessing and
OBDSim supports multiple ecus, and error codes [not complete yet]

The ChangeLog entry for this release:

Version 0.14 (released 2010-04-02)
 Sim: gui_fltk has dials instead of input boxes
 obdfft: Show axes ranges on graph, fix CSV parsing issue
 Logger: Bundle up several seconds of updates into single transactions
 Sim: Option to listen on bluetooth
 Logger: Baudrate guesser
 Logger: Baudrate upgrader
 Move obd comms into separate library
 Sim: Multiple ECU support [attach a generator for each ecu]
 Sim: Random,cycle generators don't return values they can't support
 Sim: Support for modes 0x03,0x04
 Sim: Add "Error" data generator
 Sim: gui_fltk now has support for DTCs

Gary (-;

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