[obdgpslogger] New Version: 0.7

Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Thu Jun 25 20:09:33 EDT 2009

Only one major change for this release, I have added an OBDII simulator.

The most interesting thing about this simulator is that it is pluggable;
it can draw data from a number of sources, and is already in use for not
just simulating, but actually proxying data from pre-OBDII cars. Using
obdsim and appropriate plugins or hardware, you can use the large corpus
of OBDII tools out there with your non-OBDII car.

Since it turned out that obdsim is both larger and more useful than I
had any right to anticipate, I have written a separate page for it,
detailing what it can do, here:

Have fun,
Gary (-;

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