[obdgpslogger] New Release: 0.6

Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Mon Jun 15 20:55:16 EDT 2009

Hola all,

New version of obdgpslogger is out. Please find the ChangeLog section
for this release below:

Version 0.6 (released 2009-06-15)
 Move obdlogger source into its own subdir
 logger optimisation: remove all spaces in obd streams
 logger: add a serial port communications log
 logger: move capabilities into its own file, add features
 logger: Only create database columns, and only try to log, supported pids
 logger: add serial port logging option
 cmake: default gps dev [for ui] separately compile-time configurable
 logger: Dbus support, announce obd samples using SYSTEM dbus
 logger: reset elm device when we begin, and when we exit
 Add common "conf" library to read configuration common to all components

Have fun,
Gary (-;

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