[nexuiz-commits] r6636 - trunk/misc/tools

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Sat May 2 08:42:05 EDT 2009

Author: div0
Date: 2009-05-02 08:42:04 -0400 (Sat, 02 May 2009)
New Revision: 6636

fix the patch building

Modified: trunk/misc/tools/makebuild.sh
--- trunk/misc/tools/makebuild.sh	2009-05-01 22:06:23 UTC (rev 6635)
+++ trunk/misc/tools/makebuild.sh	2009-05-02 12:42:04 UTC (rev 6636)
@@ -302,18 +302,6 @@
 # TODO remove these excludes after the version after 2.4.2
 $zipdiff -o "Nexuiz/data/data$tag$date""patch.pk3" -f "$basepk3" -t Nexuiz/data/data$tag$date.pk3
-mkdir -p sound/cdtracks
-ln -snf track001.ogg sound/cdtracks/digital-pursuit.ogg
-ln -snf track002.ogg sound/cdtracks/breakdown-easy.ogg
-ln -snf track003.ogg sound/cdtracks/brainsukker.ogg
-ln -snf track004.ogg sound/cdtracks/chaos-fog.ogg
-ln -snf track005.ogg sound/cdtracks/infight.ogg
-ln -snf track006.ogg sound/cdtracks/neuronal-diving.ogg
-ln -snf track007.ogg sound/cdtracks/subcities.ogg
-ln -snf track008.ogg sound/cdtracks/thru-the-mirror.ogg
-ln -snf track009.ogg sound/cdtracks/calling-bogus.ogg
-zip -9yr "Nexuiz/data/data$tag$date""patch.pk3" sound/cdtracks/*
-rm -rf sound
 [ -n "$hotbasepk3" ] && $zipdiff -o "Nexuiz/data/data$tag$date""hotfix.pk3" -f "$hotbasepk3" -t Nexuiz/data/data$tag$date.pk3
 mkdir -p gfx
 if unzip "Nexuiz/data/data$tag$date.pk3" gfx/brand.tga; then

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