[nexuiz-commits] r8373 - trunk/data/qcsrc/server

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Sat Dec 5 10:46:53 EST 2009

Author: div0
Date: 2009-12-05 10:46:53 -0500 (Sat, 05 Dec 2009)
New Revision: 8373


Modified: trunk/data/qcsrc/server/extensions.qh
--- trunk/data/qcsrc/server/extensions.qh	2009-12-05 14:39:51 UTC (rev 8372)
+++ trunk/data/qcsrc/server/extensions.qh	2009-12-05 15:46:53 UTC (rev 8373)
@@ -550,6 +550,25 @@
 //useful math functions for analyzing vectors, note that these all use angles in radians (just like the cos/sin functions) not degrees unlike makevectors/vectoyaw/vectoangles, so be sure to do the appropriate conversions (multiply by DEG2RAD or RAD2DEG as needed).
 //note: atan2 can take unnormalized vectors (just like vectoyaw), and the function was included only for completeness (more often you want vectoyaw or vectoangles), atan2(v_x,v_y) * RAD2DEG gives the same result as vectoyaw(v)
+//idea: div0
+//darkplaces implementation: div0
+//allows QC variables to be bound to cvars
+//(works for float, string, vector types)
+// float autocvar_developer;
+// float autocvar_registered;
+// string autocvar__cl_name;
+//NOTE: copying a string-typed autocvar to another variable/field, and then
+//changing the cvar or returning from progs is UNDEFINED. Writing to autocvar
+//globals is UNDEFINED.  Accessing autocvar globals after cvar_set()ing that
+//cvar is IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED (an implementation may either yield the
+//previous, or the current, value). Whether autocvar globals, after restoring
+//a savegame, have the cvar's current value, or the original value at time of
+//saving, is UNDEFINED. Restoring a savegame however must not restore the
+//cvar values themselves.
 //idea: id Software
 //darkplaces implementation: id Software

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