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Sun Jan 16 22:47:41 EST 2005

Commiter   : havoc
CVSROOT    : /cvs/cvsroot/neither
Module     : neither
Commit time: 2005-01-17 03:47:41 UTC

Log message:

major changes to much of render state to add fogging
renamed most R_DRAWMODE_ enums to fit into LIT and UNLIT categories (UNLIT does everything in as few passes as possible)
made R_SetDrawMode set blendfunc (reduces code in game a bit)
made transparent rendering work properly (I hope - still untested)

Modified files:
     darkwar/r_main.c darkwar/r_main.h darkwar/base/shaders/bump.frag
     darkwar/base/shaders/bump.vert darkwar/game/g_explosion.c
     darkwar/game/g_main.c darkwar/game/g_main.h darkwar/game/g_rain.c
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