[mojosetup] Problem with the uninstaller

f.calva at tiscali.it f.calva at tiscali.it
Mon Apr 16 03:54:51 EDT 2012

Hi, I have a problem with the uninstaller. If I install the game and
then uninstall it, it perfectly works: it removes the entire folder.
But, if I install it, then I install a "patch" (a new version of the
game, which has the same files, but with different contents)
overwriting it, and then I uninstall it, the folder is not deleted:
there is still the MojoSetup's hidden folder and all the subfolders of
the game (which are actually empty, though). I tried changing
delete_error_is_fatal, but it has no effect. Is it possible to produce
an uninstaller which also removes the game folder when it has been
"patched"? How do you manage patches? Very thanks!

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