[mojosetup] XZ problems with MojoSetup

Mark Vejvoda mark_vejvoda at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 24 10:07:21 EST 2011

Ok i zipped all files in my data folder and created in the data folder a
file called mgdata.tar.xz which gets pulled into the installer. But
after installing It just places the mgdata.tar.xz file in the root
installation folder and it is not extracted. What must I do to have my
tar.xz extracted during installation?

On Mon, 2011-01-24 at 02:27 -0500, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > Any ideas what i did wrong? (xz cuts my installer by 100MB over zip)
> .zip files work because they have a field at the end of their data that 
> reports where it starts (so you can just append it to an exe, and the 
> exe can figure out where the .zip file starts in the middle of the .exe 
> file based on this information).
> Tar and .xz have no such information (Tar, at least, was meant to be 
> appended to with new data, so the only way you know you're done is if 
> you hit EOF).
> I'm currently adding functionality so MojoSetup can use an arbitrary 
> non-ZIP archive for self-extracting, but you won't ever want to use a 
> tar.xz for this, since there's no random file access it in (it has to 
> decompress the whole thing just to know what files are available).
> Your best bet in the short term would be to put your game data in a 
> tar.xz, which MojoSetup will extract during the install, and then zip 
> everything up (various zip utilities should be smart enough to compress 
> the GUI plugins, etc, and not try to compress the .xz file further) for 
> appending to the .exe. This way, MojoSetup gets fast access to the files 
> it needs, the .xz uncompresses once during the install, and everything 
> gets optimal compression.
> The clean, elegant solution is to wait for me to write the 7zip support 
> (which removes the need for using _any_ tar.xz or .zip files), but 
> that's not happening this week.
> --ryan.

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