[mojosetup] Programmatic modification of Setup.Option entries

Philip Langdale philipl at overt.org
Thu Apr 21 19:33:22 EDT 2011


 I'm trying to implement conditional selection of Option
 entries. The Braid example does this with a static
 calculation up front. I am attempting to do it by
 having a preflight hook that runs my calculations but
 I can't see a way to set the 'disabled' and 'required'
 values. I can't assign a function to them, and it seems
 incredibly messy to iterate over the package table to
 find the entries to modify them (if we could name the
 Options, it would be nicer).

 So right now it seems all I can do is do the calculation
 way up front or rely on the fact that the indices of
 the options are predictable in the table. Is there a better



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