[mojosetup] Menu entries with double quotes in Exec= doesn't work with program argument

Ole Jacob Taraldset ojt at gexcon.com
Thu Jul 8 10:51:43 EDT 2010

Answering myself...  We have done the following to fix this:

Do not add double quotes here (mojosetup_mainline.lua, line ~1123):
    cmdline = '"' .. string.gsub(string.gsub(cmdline, "\"","\\\""),
"%%", "%%%%") .. '"'
changed to:
    cmdline = string.gsub(string.gsub(cmdline, "\"","\\\""), "%%", "%%%%")

Also in config.lua add single quotes around executable file with path
(casd_ivf is parameter):
    commandline = "'%0/FLACS_v9.1/bin/run' casd_ivf"

-Ole Jacob

On 07/08/2010 11:44 AM, Ole Jacob Taraldset wrote:
> Hi,
> Sometime in the last months some code has been introduced  to mojosetup
> wich encloses the Exec statment in the menu / Desktop Entry files in
> double quotes. This obviously is to handle spaces in paths, but it also
> has the effect that the Exec statement no longer handles arguments to
> the executables and when trying to add an argument the program startup
> fails. We are looking into this, but if anybody can give us some hints
> on where to look we'd be grateful!
> This happens in platform_unix.c around xdgDesktopMenuItem() and
> shellEscape().
> -Ole Jacob
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