[mojosetup] Loki^WMojoSetup Installers for Linux Gamers...

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Tue Aug 4 11:01:01 EDT 2009

Good stuff. Those installers tend to run into ABI incompatibility faster
than the games they wrap (mostly because of Gtk and the transition to 64


Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> The crew at Loki Installers for Linux Games (who perhaps needs to
> register miflg.org now) have posted a large collection of
> MojoSetup-based installers here...
>    http://liflg.org/?catid=7
> ...this batch makes many of the old Loki Games titles playable on
> modern Linux systems.
> These are still beta releases, so they would definitely love your
> feedback on their work, and they could be a great resource if you're
> looking for working example installers to play with, too.
> Enjoy,
> --ryan.
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