[mojosetup] Arabic translation finished and revised

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri May 30 23:53:13 EDT 2008

> the translation has been finished and revised for a while now, i'd
> like to test it but i still dunno how..

First: thank you for your efforts. I'm really pleased with all the 
translation help this project has received from around the world.

I've imported the latest translations into Subversion now, so if you're 
building your own installer, it should Just Work with the latest revision.

Otherwise, here's an x86 Linux installer with the translations:


Two things worth noting:
- That installer only has the MojoSetup strings translated...anything 
specific to Duke Nukem 3D--like the README--is not translated.
- Most of the GUI plugins can't handle right-to-left languages like 
Arabic. My Linux terminal can render the glyphs correctly, but in 
reverse order, and it's likely that the ncurses GUI will both render 
them in reverse and incorrectly size boxes, etc. The GTK+ GUI _does_ 
handle the Arabic strings correctly; I just tried it here to verify. I 
assume that's what most Linux users will be using, so I don't plan to 
improve the console-based UIs to handle Arabic better...doing it 
correctly would probably require me to introduce a dependency on 
libfribidi, which I'm not really willing to do, since GTK+ takes care of 
that on the user's system.


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