Some notable changes...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Thu Jan 17 05:59:14 EST 2008

Some notable work has been going into MojoSetup in the past few days:

- Hitting "Cancel" no longer brings up all those annoying message boxes.

- Optional tooltips on the Options page for the GTK+ UI (and others, 
eventually); thanks Nemo!

- Other good GTK+ fixes and improvements. It's not necessarily my vision 
of what the GUI should look like, but I'm pretty sure you could ship a 
package with it now and not be embarrassed by it.

- All the localization fixmes should be cleaned up now, including the 
need to rely on snprintf() and static buffers, so we can localize 
strings with "%1, %2" instead of "%s, %s", allowing the order of strings 
to change per locale. Once that was done, translations started getting 
plugged in (it was really fun to see the app running fully localized to 
German, just by changing my LANG environment!). Thanks to Dennis and 
Gerry for the initial burst of translation work!

- Manifest support! MojoSetup will now install manifest files for each 
package into $DESTINATION/.mojosetup/manifest. It installs a 
(loki_setup-compatible) .xml file, a Lua script to generate a manifest 
table, and a plain text file, one installed entity per line. This is to 
allow better flexibility from external tools (for example, you can 
install with MojoSetup but still use loki_update or loki_uninstall 
thereafter). The optional symlink into ~/.loki hasn't been added yet, 
but it will be, soon. MojoSetup itself won't need such a directory for 
its own purposes.

- The loki_setup_compat script is no more...its functionality has made 
it into the main program now and requires no explicit work in the 
package's config script.

- The installer binary now installs itself with the rest of the package 
(including stripping itself of any embedded archive, for self-extracting 
installers). This will shortly be used for things like upkeep of the 
manifests, and more importantly, as an uninstaller...might as well take 
advantage of the existing UI plugins and scripting language, after all.

- About a million little fixes and enhancements not worth noting here.

There's more stuff on the way. I'm trying to rock through as much of 
Bugzilla as possible in the near future, as I'll be needing this myself 


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