Loki_setup bridge...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sun May 27 15:16:12 EDT 2007

For people that need a loki_setup manifest generated by MojoSetup, so 
they can use loki_update, etc, a first shot at this is in svn revision #319.

- Make sure you run CMake with -DMOJOSETUP_LUALIB_IO=TRUE (this is the 
default...I mention it because the duke3d example explicitly disables it).
- Make sure the new scripts/loki_setup_compat.lua script makes into your 
installer's "scripts" directory.
- Add this to the top of your config.lua:


- And make sure this ends up in your Setup.Package somewhere:

       postinstall = function(install)
           MojoSetup.Loki.manifest(install, "http://blah/updates/")

That will create /where/i/installed/my/game/.manifest/gameid.xml. The 
optional second parameter ("http://blah/") is the update_url, if you 
want to use loki_update.

This work isn't complete yet, but it mostly works already.


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