[mojosetup] First shot at documentation...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri May 18 12:48:09 EDT 2007

> - the executable bit is not propagated (I am not using any archive, just
> a wildcards = "*")

(As a note, you can just omit the "wildcards" attribute if you want to 
install everything...wildcards is mostly meant for culling files to be 
installed from the directory or archive.)

The permissions thing is fixed in svn revision #284. You can now force 
specific permissions for a Setup.File element, or in a filter 
function...files coming from a real directory will still come in as 0644 
by default, because of the way Linux handles iso9660 discs, so if you 
need to set something executable or whatnot, you can either wrap files 
in a .zip or .tar, use a filter function, or Setup.File.permissions...if 
you just want to set one or two files, the filter function is probably 
most efficient.

Documentation on how to do this is here, in the green sections:


(ignore the several bad grammar errors, I'm fixing those.  :)   )


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