Postal Fudge Pack installer...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sat May 12 23:04:56 EDT 2007

Another example installer is ready. This one is for the Postal "Fudge 
Pack" disc, which is Postal 1, 2, and a bunch of mods all on one, 
dual-layer DVD.

This one was worth doing because it makes good use of filter functions, 
wildcards, and nested install options.

Here's the original setup.xml for the loki_setup installer on the disc:

And the MojoSetup equivalent:

This isn't properly packaged for installation, I just wanted to give a 
view of what the layout would be before you create the final executable 

The duke3d installer is good too, to demonstrate an extremely small 
bootstrap that then downloads what it needs at runtime:

Real documentation is forthcoming still, of course, but getting working 
examples out there seemed like a good first step in the meantime.


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