a few notes

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Thu Jun 28 12:43:25 EDT 2007

A few notes on things I've noticed with the current code:

 * Readme before EULA. There are some good arguments for showing the
Readme before the EULA, but I think I'd rather have the EULA first still
(if not by default, at least with some configuration value)

 * don't default to yes on the EULA prompt. make sure the user has to at
least select yes (again, if not a default, with a config option)

 * options that require a specific EULA. More specifically PunkBuster,
which has it's own license and is an optional install. If you don't
agree to the PB license you can still install, but PB will be skipped.

Having two Setup.Package doesn't really work because the installation
location is dictated by the main installation. And two Setup.Eula in the
same package don't let me have PB as an optional install.

The lokisetup I used is patched to accept a EULA entry in an option block.

I'm not very happy with how it was doing the prompts though, that was a
bit obscure. Since the option was enabled by default, it was
auto-prompting before showing the options selection.

I think the ideal flow for me, is to have the PB option checked by
default, and not show the PB EULA until the user wants to continue with
the option on. Then show the PB EULA, if it's not accepted, go back to
the selection menu with the option disabled.

 * Haven't been able to put two Setup.Package in the config.lua for
testing something. I had:

Setup.Package {
Setup.Package {

And it chokes with unexpected symbol near ","

That's all I have for now :)


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