[mojosetup] a few notes

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Mon Jul 2 05:23:06 EDT 2007

>  * don't default to yes on the EULA prompt. make sure the user has to at
> least select yes (again, if not a default, with a config option)

Fixed in svn revision #332. The UI interface has been updated to allow a 
default, and the EULAs now default to "no" ... "overwrite this file?" 
defaults to yes, though, and I might change that still.

>  * Readme before EULA. There are some good arguments for showing the
> Readme before the EULA, but I think I'd rather have the EULA first still
> (if not by default, at least with some configuration value)

EULAs are shown before the READMEs in svn revision #333 (those that want 
it after the README can use the next bit of this email).

> I think the ideal flow for me, is to have the PB option checked by
> default, and not show the PB EULA until the user wants to continue with
> the option on. Then show the PB EULA, if it's not accepted, go back to
> the selection menu with the option disabled.

Okay, I changed it to work like this:

The existing Setup.EULA section now shows up before any Setup.README 
section in the UI.

You can now do a Setup.EULA section inside Setup.Option. Installers need 
to have at least one option, even if it's flagged as "required" and the 
option screen isn't displayed because there's nothing to choose, they 
can still have a EULA to cover the whole install, but it also allows 
finer-grained control for situations like this. Also, it'll move the 
EULA prompting past the options screen, which might make the user feel 
more invested, and thus more committed to continuing the install.

Refusing an option's EULA will drop the user back to the options screen 
(or whatever the previous GUI stage was), which is less hostile than 
dumping them out of the installer like we currently do.

So the flow will end up as:
- Show global EULAs, if any.
- Show README(s), if any.
- Show options, if any.
- Show punkbuster EULA, back to options if rejected.
- Show progress screen, start installing files.

(and of course, you could put the game EULA in the options instead, 
which would show the README first and defer all EULAs until forced to 
show them.)

The changes you need for this are in svn revision #333.

> Setup.Package {
> ...
> },
> Setup.Package {
> ...
> }
> And it chokes with unexpected symbol near ","

No comma between Setup.Packages. There's a technical reason for this, 
but it's not terribly interesting.  :)


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