[mojosetup] Plans for adding system menu entries

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu Dec 6 05:34:05 EST 2007

> That's really retarded. Why use a nice scripting language if you
> don't use it for sandboxing to prevent people from doing arbitrary
> stupid things in their installer? Sure it's with best intentions but

The goal of the scripting language wasn't sandboxing, it was ease of 
development and minimizing risk from the usual C bugs: buffer overflows, 
memory management, etc.

You can't really sandbox something that starts with a main() that you 
control in an binary you convince a user to download, flag as 
executable, and then run.

Checking the homedir in a script is risky, though, to be sure...at least 
on Mac OS X, for example, there is no /root ... it's in 
/private/var/root instead.

We should at least expose the uid/euid, since what we seem to care about 
here is "is this user root or not?" ... but of course the real solution 
is to move this specific functionality into MojoSetup.


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