[mojosetup] Plans for adding system menu entries

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at suse.de
Wed Dec 5 03:15:46 EST 2007

Nemo Der wrote:
> if MojoSetup.info.homedir == "/root" then
>         io.output("/usr/local/share/applications/spring.desktop")
> else
>         io.output(MojoSetup.info.homedir ..
> "/.local/share/applications/spring.desktop")
> end

That's really retarded. Why use a nice scripting language if you
don't use it for sandboxing to prevent people from doing arbitrary
stupid things in their installer? Sure it's with best intentions but
in the end such hacks hurt sooner or later. If you need to call
arbitrary commands you can save yourself one abstraction level by
using a shell script and dialog instead of a so called "installer".


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