[mohaa] EA wants your input on MOH:Airborne (Server feedback)

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Fri Jul 7 21:36:41 EDT 2006

Sounds nice a positive there EA do seem to be starting listen
to listern to the admins / GSP's that run their servers.

We would love to help out, specifically in the area of the
server. We have consideral experience in this area.

BETA testing is key a good multiplayer release. EA and Dice
have learned this the hardway with BF2. v1.4 is the first
version which has been BETA tested and it has suffered
considerably due to it, lets hope MOH:Airborne will follow
in v1.4's footsteps.


James Landi wrote:
> I figured this list would a great place to help spread EA's request
> for game server admins feedback regarding their upcoming MOH title,
> MOH: Airborne.
> Blackhat from EA has asked me (FPSadmin.com) to help host and spread
> the word regarding the new "[Official EA] MOH: Airborne Dedicated
> Server Discussion forums" at my site, http://www.FPSadmin.com .
> This is where you, the game server admins and GSPs get to help EA get
> it right this time around or should I say set an example to all the
> other developers out there that we can help make their game great.
> They just need to ask and take at least some of our advice. Hell we
> can even be a great resource for beta testing their server sided
> bins.:)
> EA really wants to get their customers input, feedback, questions and
> comments regarding setting up, running and maintaining a great MOH:
> Airborne server.
> What I would love to see is more of the pro and non-pro GSPs offer
> their(your) suggestions and feedback to EA and help make MOH:Airborne  not only a great game but a great game to run, sell or 
> rent as part
 of your core GPS business.
> A big part of this is how EA and MOH:Airborne supports Linux. I've
> already passed along (not that I needed to ) Ryan's work here and
> these lists.
> D op by the following link to see what is going on so far and leave
> your feedback!
> http://www.fpsadmin.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=91
> Thanks for you time 

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