[mohaa] Automated bots filling server

Fredrick Ludden luddenf at comcast.net
Thu Sep 30 20:54:50 EDT 2004

We had another clan try this against our server.  It failed to DoS the
server because we have 8 private slots on a 20 slot server.  They could'nt
fill the whole server. :)  Once we saw where the attack was originated, we
simply blocked the IP address.

Not a real fix, but a crude work around.


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Subject: [mohaa] Automated bots filling server

I have a friend who has a clan and their server is being slammed with
automated bots.  They fill the server and their pings are 999.  The peeps
that are doing this to them are from the mygot clan.  These guys go around
doing this stuff all the time - they don't play the games they just crash
servers lol.

Neways....anyone have any ideas?  They are patched to the latest mohaa linux
server builds.  I thought about trying to right a script to counteract this
some how using tcp queries to check for this but haven't gotten around to it
- that may not even be possible.

These guys are nailing them big time and no one can play on their server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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