[mohaa] Automated bots filling server

Ploppy ploppy at xde.nl
Thu Sep 30 12:40:54 EDT 2004



Publish the IP's in this list, any admin can bann them, I will for sure.
I have enough of those lamers.


Gr. Ploppy



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Not sure if there is much you can do about this apart from look in your
logs for IP address's and ban them. I believe there exploiting something
in the game engine that allows a person to connect to a server (taking
up a slot) and then to authorise their CD-Key. However i think the
authorising never happens so they hang in a 999 state till the game
eventual gives up and disconnects them.


There was a discussion about this a few weeks ago (maybe a couple of
months - time flys) with ryan saying that it would be very hard to

I think it would be best if you made a couple of slots private so you
can always get in if this happens again start doing some bans.


Not sure what the url is for the search facility on this list, but it
might be worth looking for it and seeing what was actual said in the
discussion a while back as their might have been a better way to
firefight the situation. i dont think there is a solution to it yet.



"Nathan P." <natedog550 at hotmail.com> wrote:

I have a friend who has a clan and their server is being slammed with
automated bots. They fill the server and their pings are 999. The peeps
that are doing this to them are from the mygot clan. These guys go
doing this stuff all the time - they don't play the games they just
servers lol.

Neways....anyone have any ideas? They are patched to the latest mohaa
server builds. I thought about trying to right a script to counteract
some how using tcp queries to check for this but haven't gotten around
to it
- that may not even be possible. 

These guys are nailing them big time and no one can play on their

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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