[mohaa] Spearhead patch 2.11

Pegasus Pegasus at ner-clan.net
Sat Sep 18 04:44:58 EDT 2004

So far I've only seen this happen on cracked versions of Mohaa/sh.
Only advise is to re-install the whole thing and make sure you get your
patches in the correct language


From: Claude Renglet [mailto:claude at renglet.be] 
Sent: dinsdag 14 september 2004 21:45
To: mohaa at icculus.org
Subject: [mohaa] Spearhead patch 2.11

Does everyone have also this problem  :
I'm not able to install the 2.11 patch, the installation program tells me
that the Medal of Honnor Spearhead is not installed in my computer.
I have the original game installed, and the 2 expansion (Spearhead in
version 2.00, and Breakthrough), avery thing goes well, except the
Multiplayer with Spearhead
The patch 1.11 for Allied Assault is installed (thanks to the regfix), but
the other patches doesn't install.
I'd like to patch my Spearhead installation in order to run a dedicated
server under Linux.
It works with Allied Assault, but doesn' with Spearhead.
Thanks a lot.
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