[mohaa] Server Config

Andrew (KARZAC) Furbey andrewfurbey at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 14 20:31:02 EDT 2004

that all you needed? lol


sv_hostname "=[B.L]=Freeze Tag[FF=Off]"  
set g_gametype 2 
set g_healthdrop 1 
set g_realismmode 1  
set sv_dmspeedmult 1.100000  
set g_teamdamage 1
set g_healrate 100  
sv_maxclients 32 
timelimit 20 
fraglimit 100  
maprotationtime 30 
set sv_team_spawn_interval 0  
roundlimit 0 
set g_inactivespectate 120  
set g_inactivekick 1800  
set sv_gamespy 1
set ui_dedicated 1
set sv_master1 "mohmaster.2015.com"
set sv_master2 "master0.gamespy.com"
set sv_master3 "master1.gamespy.com"
set sv_master4 "clanservers.net"
set sv_pure 0   
set g_allowvote 0  
set sv_floodprotect 1  
set g_forceteamspectate 1  
set dmflags 1310720
set sv_invulnerabletime 4  
set g_teamkillwarn 3  
set g_teamkillkick 5  
set g_teamswitchdelay 15  
set g_allowjointime 30  
set sv_privateclients 8  
set sv_privatepassword ""  
set rconpassword ""  
set sv_keywords "blood line"  
set net_port 12203 
set net_ip
set sv_minping 0  
set sv_maxping 0  
set sv_maxrate 20000

map "dm/mohdm2"
sv_maplist "dm/mohdm2 dm/mohdm1 dm/mohdm3 dm/mohdm4 dm/mohdm6 dm/mp_brest_dm dm/mp_stadt_dm dm/MP_Bazaar_DM"  
sv_runspeed 287

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  That is a nice one but it is limited to what it puts out.
  I guess I just need someone to copy and paste ther config file and I can use that.

  Just how many configs are there in this game?
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    Here you go, Hope it helps 

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      The errors are nothing to worry about

      as to the stopping of the game when you leave ssh, try running the game with screen or put it in the back ground using " &" at the end of your start up line minus the quotes.


      admin at typhoonservers.com wrote:
        this program looks like it is for your admin use..nice by the way but....
        It does not give the config in text out put.

        I did get teh server up and running, but....
        As soon as I exit SSH is shuts down.

        I get these errors on start up can anyone give me some advice?

        " ------ Unloading fgameded.so ------
        ------- Attempting to load /home/test/mohaa/fgameded.so -------
        ^~^~^ Box data is corrupted for 'models/human/allied_pilot/allied_pilot.skd'
        ^~^~^ Morph targets data is corrupted for
        ^~^~^ Add the following line to the *_precache.scr map script:
        cache models/miscobj/bottle_wine.tik
        ------ Server Initialization Complete ------ 1.72 seconds
        ^~^~^ Add the following line to the *_precache.scr map script:
        cache models/fx/dummy.tik
        execing banned.cfg
        Hitch warning: 1788 msec frame time "


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        From: "Josh Berry" 
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        Subject: Re: [mohaa] Server Config

        > You can use the software from here:
        > http://www.gamerunners.com/
        > To create your config files. You basically use them to run a game
        > locally on your machine, which then creates the configs, which you can
        > copy across. Don't ask me how .. I write my configs by hand.
        > Josh
        > On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 10:58, Richard Harrison wrote:
        > > Well this list is great for ansers to specific questions but a good
        > > place to start for such general areas would be the forums on
        > > www.mohadmin.com or even www.gameadmins.com (this is a good article
        > >
        > >
        > > Any ways hope that gives you a good kick start into it.
        > >
        > > Hazzie.
        > > admin at typhoonservers.com wrote:
        > > Hi all I am new to the list and MOH...go figure.
        > >
        > > I need to know if there is a program that makes configs for
        > > MOH out there some place.
        > >
        > > plus as much info on getting a MOHAA & SP Linux server running
        > > smoothly.
        > > THX
        > > TLP

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