[mohaa] lag on my server

patrick at fragzzhost.com patrick at fragzzhost.com
Fri Sep 10 13:00:20 EDT 2004

lag on my serveromy thats not good

we get lag probs when the ram is cached,,,,,mohaa do not like when theres alot of ram cached. i guess u tryed a reboot to clear out the ram ?

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  Even if I am alone.





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  does it happen when alot of players are on or all the time ?



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    Subject: [mohaa] lag on my server


    Hello everybody,

    now ist time form e to get help from you.

    We are running a few Servers since a year now, but 1-2 mods on it my server starts to leg.

    We do now have a new rootie with 3 GHz and 2Gig RAM and I thought it then can not be there anymore ->wrong fault.

    For every server I have got a folder on my SuSE 9.1 to separate them (I heard you also can do it with a "ln" but have not bben sure)

    I build some config files for my members, so they can easily administrate this server..these are linked from a shared folder.

    I have the latest binaries from this list and the following mods (even without them it is a bit laggy):

    -> user_no_rockets_shotgun.pk3

    -> zzz-anti_camper.pk3

    I also tried CI but with that there is no chance of playing.

    I am using a restart script (screen) which starts my server with this command (some vars have been given as usefull by this list):

    ./mohaa1_lnxded +set net_port 12000 +set dedicated 2 +set com_hunkMegs 120 +set com_zoneMegs 30 +set ttycon 0 +set sv_chatter 1 +set chat 1 +set developer 2 +set logfile 3 +set fs_basepath /usr/games/moh/mohaa1/ +set fs_outputpath /usr/games/moh/logs/1 +set logfilename qconsole.log +set ui_console 1 +set g_gametype 2 +set sv_maxclients 32 +map dm/mohdm1 +exec server.cfg

    My server.cfg looks like the following (I know there are things double..have to clean it up):

    seta sv_hostname "www.The-Real-Heroes.de - 1 - TEST" 

    set g_motd "-[TRH]-please respect: no shotgun and no bazuka!!!"  

    set g_motdString "-[TRH]-please respect: no shotgun and no bazuka!!!" 


    // Server Info // 

    sets URL www.The-Real-Heroes.de 

    sets Location Deutschland 

    sets Admin MzaNike 

    sets Email MzaNike at The-Real-Heroes.de 

    sets ServerIP: www.The-Real-Heroes.de 

    sets FF Friendly-Fire=On 

    sets Bazooka =Off 

    sets BadWords =Off 

    sets Anti-Cheat =Delator3.1, MapFix

    seta ui_message "BadWord=Protected FF=on Bazooka=off Realism=off AntiCheat=on" 


    // spielspezifische Einstellungen // 

    seta timelimit 20 

    seta g_teamdamage 1 

    seta g_inactivekick 120 

    seta g_inactivespectate 45 

    seta g_allowvote 0 

    seta g_teamForceBalance 1 

    seta g_smoothClients 1 

    seta g_gametype 2 

    seta sv_cheats 0 


    // Empfohlene Settings // 

    //seta g_log qconsole.log 

    seta g_friendlyfire 0

    seta bot_enable 0 

    seta fraglimit 0 

    seta sv_pure 1 

    seta sv_floodprotect 3 

    seta sv_allowdownload 0 

    seta sv_maxrate 20000 

    seta sv_fps 20 

    seta sv_maxping 350 

    seta g_warmup 10 

    seta flood_persecond 2 

    seta sv_precache 1 

    seta sv_gamespy 1 

    set cheats 0 


    // TRH Zusatz // 

    set flood_waitdelay 10 

    set flood_msgs 4  

    r_vertexlight 0 

    net_noipx 1  

    net_port 12000

    set net_port 12000

    set g_maxmaptks 10

    set g_maxcontks 4

    exec privatepw.cfg

    exec rconpw.cfg

    exec 16.cfg 

    seta g_allowjointime 6 

    sv_gamespy 1

    seta cg_sharkfix 1

    seta cg_forcemodels 1

    set g_playermodel "american_army"

    // Map Rotation 

    sv_maplist "dm/mohdm1 dm/mohdm3 dm/mohdm6 dm/mohdm7" 

    map dm/mohdm1

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