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Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Fri May 28 13:26:15 EDT 2004

Compare the checksums with these:
> cksum *.pk3
1874941240 98669019 Pak0.pk3
4209198823 119631347 Pak1.pk3
3855276883 365587748 Pak2.pk3
2370864502 87555605 Pak3.pk3
96185585 34046379 Pak4.pk3
4231883204 87721422 Pak5.pk3
2341485979 11202988 Pak6.pk3

or md5 *.pk3
MD5 (Pak0.pk3) = 08c9ed811c1489fdfb1c05c9d2fe0a15
MD5 (Pak1.pk3) = 1e96e77a2b123186986d089e198c8f66
MD5 (Pak2.pk3) = 4f3c6fe99053da4f285c9a75f59a312b
MD5 (Pak3.pk3) = 08ae9d7ee5bb25bf9115fbe4bd071714
MD5 (Pak4.pk3) = fff8f0f1e6f9c2a6f1fb0dc194c5822b
MD5 (Pak5.pk3) = 50acbda9a8634a1dd33154c88ee8b506
MD5 (Pak6.pk3) = 230b78842357b85f9875e164f34d5a0b

    Steve / K

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From: "Webmaster" 

> I am trying to play Medal of Honor and i get the files from my "main"
> directory after i patched to 1.11.
> Greets Justin

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