MatchWatch and Reverend for Linux

NateDog natedog550 at
Thu May 27 11:07:27 EDT 2004

Hey all!  Our clan is about to start training on our server for OGL.  I want
to install MatchWatch and Reverend on our Linux server so that we can get
used to this stuff.

Here's what I'll need:
This From The OGL:

Attention: Effective Monday May 24th, 2004, the OGL approved versions of
anti-cheat software will be MatchWatch v1.5.3.8, Reverend v1.5.3.8,
(optional) server configs (MWAAOBJ & MWAATDM) v1.5.3.8, and MAM files v4.0.
No other version of either software, configs, or MAM files will be permitted
for use during OGL matches
[End Quote]

I know I can get pak3 files of MAM cause' we've used em' before.  But when I
go to download MatchWatch and Reverend I can only find em' for freaking
windows servers and nothing for Linux.  So rather than start searching all
over the interenet I thought I'd ask here first.

If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.

Nathan Peters
-n|S- SNiPeS

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