[mohaa] MoH: PA

luke at techfreak.org luke at techfreak.org
Fri May 14 08:37:03 EDT 2004

I agree. Who do we put pressure on to get this done? I would like to
see a BT Linux server, but I am more interested in making sure that
PA has early and solid Linux support (from Ryan, of course!).

>> No official plans, but we really DO need to get MOHAA linux
>> support
>> back on track.
>> --ryan.
> Yeh, I'm still upset they didn't follow-through with a MoH: BT
> server.  I
> guess we need a petition of some sort, more important even that we
> get the
> petition results to the correct person at EA.  Anything else we can
> do?
> - Brad

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