[mohaa] MOHPA md5sum

Olivier Joly mailinglists at olivier.tk
Mon Dec 20 11:40:00 EST 2004

Ok I applied the 1.1 patch and I now have the pak8.rez file

4d2e333911f8ce7ac11c81d20fdad6e9  pak8.rez

But I still have de pak7.rez file, which is 1.2GB (1205416087 bytes)
large... strange that it would just have been replaced by a 60MB file...


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From: Ryan C. Gordon [mailto:icculus at clutteredmind.org] 
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2004 5:16 PM
To: mohaa at icculus.org
Subject: Re: [mohaa] MOHPA md5sum

> 3ed787441343b4251c440bea7331a809  pak0.rez    
> a4ca42b5a7d0a7db6d564f0ddd13d9f0  pak1.rez
> 645ed20d12b3dcdb04b4d6ac66db0dd6  pak2.rez
> eeca95c2629c8e0e1fc69c064c5e8941  pak3.rez
> c9512a26c216451b6fb9e149aabd1bff  pak4.rez
> b6fc81849e50251598b857949ddb26b1  pak5.rez
> abeac31bc30a03fb188fd1d8fca5224f  pak6.rez
> d7dff637e45793232ab01d1e5b8c1cfd  pak7.rez
> Does somebody know what md5 we really should have? Ryan?

I copied the files off a Director's Edition disc, and they match yours.

I don't have a pak7.pk3, but I'm looking at an unpatched Windows 
installation at the moment.


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