MOHPA md5sum

Fredrick Ludden luddenf at
Sun Dec 19 06:58:48 EST 2004


I just finished uploading my pak files in anticipation of the dedicated
server release.  It took like 36 hours!  Anyway, the md5sums did not match
between my windows and linux box after upload.  Can some else verify the
md5sums for me?  God, I'd hate to do this again...

879226ba71442f80615f2ca901b8f3e9  pak0.rez
4315e13ae82b63b5cc60aabc2857ea0a  pak1.rez
a33033d2a05417323d46de4ffadf2db1  pak2.rez
49332c95a3d6a6ba82e9119a77aced1f  pak3.rez
1a62d6952a2d3949edc195ccb0b30e55  pak4.rez
bbcd96ecc77bb6c8200e3e0335386999  pak5.rez
55e876979e0aa99645de6ca9edb6ae09  pak6.rez
b30215f9d9a738df4c977d6e121eefc4  pak8.rez

3ed787441343b4251c440bea7331a809  pak0.rez
a4ca42b5a7d0a7db6d564f0ddd13d9f0  pak1.rez
645ed20d12b3dcdb04b4d6ac66db0dd6  pak2.rez
eeca95c2629c8e0e1fc69c064c5e8941  pak3.rez
c9512a26c216451b6fb9e149aabd1bff  pak4.rez
b6fc81849e50251598b857949ddb26b1  pak5.rez
abeac31bc30a03fb188fd1d8fca5224f  pak6.rez
4d2e333911f8ce7ac11c81d20fdad6e9  pak8.rez

Happy Holidays,

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