[mohaa] cheats detection

André Rivotti Casimiro rivotti at netcabo.pt
Wed Nov 27 10:32:24 EST 2002


For that you can use dumpuser, to detect, or install Dogmeat Mod, to prevent
using illegal skins and Force-Models. Another thing someone told me is that
the rcon challenge is negative when the cliente is using Wallhack... I don't
believe in this but if someone knows more, please share.
Unfortunately sv_pure doesn't work(force pk3 to be igual to the server) and
there's no way to checksum pk3 files in the client, so the server anti-cheat
option doesn't work (I think this is working in Spearhead). 
There is also some cfg lines you could had to your config file but, I'm not
sure they work... i don't use cheats :). Anyway:

//No Fog
setu r_farplane 0
setu r_farplane_nocull 0
setu r_farplane_nofog 0

setu r_lightmap 0
setu r_lockpvs 0
setu r_showSmp 0

//Transparent Door
setu r_novis 0

//Force Models
setu cg_forceModel 0

I'm using this in our servers... but, as I said, donno if it works.

André Rivotti Casimiro

P.S. - Antonio Cristovão: Rivotti aqui, qualquer coisa tb podes perguntar a
mim :).

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you can run a program called delator, which detects suspect skins. 

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Hi hall,

How can i detect the various cheats in the rcon ... or in another way???

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