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> Ryan,
> Let me get this right so you are the man who is going to do the Linux 
> server side for Spearhead?
> But you wont have time to start to code it until after Comdex. So 
> those of us who try and make money by supplying customers with great 
> game servers will lose out once again to the people hosting on Windoze

> servers :(
> Could you please keep us up to date,

I don't think Ryan is responsible for your business losing money.  More
aptly, he's the reason you *are* in business.  I'm sure nothing would
make Ryan happier than to be paid millions for his efforts and have a
slew of employees with his skill working for him so he could pump all
these projects out in a more timely fashion -- but let's be real.  He
does a fantastic job on these projects in an almost entirely
Windows-based industry (and if you haven't noticed, he's currently
involved with MOHAA, 1942, the monsterous UT2003, Spearhead and lord
only knows what else), and he's probably the only reason Linux ports are
coming out for these games at all.  Clearly few game developers show
much interest in supporting our niche.  He causes a few to give it a
cursory glance, and for that you should be grateful.  It shows amazing
gaul to instead flame him for failing to meet your financial timetable.
If this is so damaging for your enterprise, I'd suggest you reconsider
your business model.


ps.  I played on several of those god-awful "Rent This Server!"s that
showed up in the Spearhead demo browser.  It appears you have
little-to-no decent competition.  Hang tight.

SORRY!!! I did not mean it as a flame! I think the work he has done with
MOHAA is 1st class and anyone else who does work with Linux servers.

I just think that companies like EA should have the servers or maybe
some beta code in place when they release a number 1 game. I mean what a
joke they released Spearhead demo on Friday with no good server on the
list.... This type of thing could kill a game dead at the start.

Once again Sorry Ryan it was not meant to be a flame!


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