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Greg Miller gmiller at oei-tech.com
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"Eduardo E. Silva" wrote:

> How do I load OMAHA Beach for example ? How about the thefarm.pk3 ?
> I have tried after at the console:
> seta g_gametype 3

> map thefarm
> Can't find map maps/thefarm.bsp
> map dm/thefarm
> Can't find map maps/dm/thefarm.bsp
> map dm/thefarm.pk3
> Can't find map maps/dm/thefarm.pk3.bsp
> map obt/thefarm
> Can't find map maps/obt/thefarm.bsp
> map obt/thefarm.pk3
> Can't find map maps/obt/thefarm.pk3.bsp
> What am I doing wrong AGAIN????????????????????
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Generally speaking:
All objective maps run from the maps/obj/ directory, deathmatch and ffa maps in the
maps/dm/ directory

To load a specific map:
You will have to open *.pk3 files and look to see what the '.bsp' filename is for the
map you want to load.
For example, the Omaha objective map filename is 'obj_team3.bsp'

Console or script map references dispense with .bsp filename extension and the maps/
directory specification
Thus, the map reference for 'omaha' will be :
map obj/obj_team3

'The Hunt' is obj/team1
'V2' is obj/obj_team2
'Omaha' is obj/obj_team3
'Bridge' obj/obj_team4
'Southern France' is dm/mohdm1
'Destroyed Village' is dm/mohdm2
'Remagen' is dm/mohdm3
'The Bridge' is dm/mohdm4
'Snowy Park' is dm/mohdm5
'Stalingrad' dm/mohdm6
'Algiers' is dm/mohdm7

For a custom TDM map like 'The Farm', the bsp filename is 'thefarm.bsp' in the
maps/dm/ directory
Thus, the map reference will be:
map dm/thefarm

Now, apparently MOHAA expects the g_gametype cvar to be set prior to loading the
map.  The current gametypes are
1 -- FFA (Free For All)
2 -- TDM (Team Death match)
4 -- OBJ  (Objective mode)
If you try loading a map for a mode it does not support, it will tell you so.

If you want to mix gametypes, your going to have to be creative, or download 'Crow
Kings' mixed modes mod.  I recommend Crow Kings Mod, but if your feeling creative
here's the scoop:

The basic principle is fairly simple.  If you want to go from, lets say Stalingrad
(dm/mohdm6) a TDM map , to V2 Rocket (obj/obj_team2), extract the script files
([mapname].scr) for the maps from the *.pk3 files (i.e., dm/mohdm6.scr and
obj/obj_team2.scr), open them in a text editor and add
setcvar "g_gametype" "2" // for TDM mode
setcvar "g_gametype" "4" // for OBJ mode
immediately after the main: reference as in:


setcvar "g_gametype" "2" //TDM

Then set enter the following from your console or via a *.cfg script

sv_maplist "dm/mohdm6 obj/obj_team2"
map obj/obj_team2

For those custom maps without *.scr files, you can simply load the map following a
map that has the appropriate g_gametype setting, in otherwords load a custom TDM map
following another TDM map where the g_gametype was set.

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