[mohaa] MOH:AA Spearhead Linux server ALPHA1

Steve Pirk orion at deathcon.com
Tue Dec 31 23:11:16 EST 2002

Sweet!!!! I knew I should not have given away my
copy of spearhead. I will go out and buy it in the morning.

Steve (egrep)

On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> Ok, here it is:
>    http://icculus.org/betas/mohaa/spearhead_lnxded_2.11-ALPHA1.tar.bz2
> This is actually based on the Spearhead 2.15 codebase, but I've hacked it
> up to report itself as "2.11" so the latest released win32 clients won't
> reject it in the server browser. They use the same protocol version, so
> this should be safe (har har, "what could possibly go wrong?"). This will
> fix itself in a later release, but this should satiate those hungry early
> adopters, like Luke.  :)
> I've only tested this for (no joke) 30 seconds. Win32 client could see the
> Linux server on a LAN in the server browser, connect, and fight against
> another client. I have not tested internet play at all. This is very much
> an untested alpha. If you aren't really curious or really desperate to try
> this, you might want to wait until this is declared beta quality (or
> production quality, even). You have been warned.
> Understand a few things:
> 1) This is ALPHA quality code, don't expect it to be stable.
> 2) You need to install the game on win32, and copy it over, like the
> original MOHAA Linux server.
> 3) This is ALPHA quality code, don't expect it to be stable.
> 4) This will refuse to run in 30 days, but we'll have updates before then.
> 5) This is ALPHA quality code, don't expect it to be stable.
> 6) Read the README, use bugzilla, use the mailing list. Don't email me
> directly.
> I highly recommend GameAdmins.com's MOH:AA server tutorial for
> configuration examples. For the most part, setting up a Linux Spearhead
> server is just like setting up a Linux MOH:AA server, and just about
> anything new in Spearhead is configured identically to the win32 version.
> I think all of my Linux-specific additions (sv_chatter, etc) have been
> re-ported for Spearhead, but if I missed anything, let me know. I haven't
> added any requests (like logging certain details to aid external
> applications, etc. Please nag me to finish that!).
> With less than six hours to go before 2003 in my time zone, at least I
> kept my promise about having this out between Christmas and the New Year.  :)
> Oh, and this is alpha-quality code, so don't expect it to be stable.
> --ryan.

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