server lag...

Anthony Quon anthonyquon at
Sat Dec 28 23:40:59 EST 2002

Curious..for each of my games instances..which is about 10 instances right 
now on this one server. I'm getting alot of server lag because of the amount 
of games that I'm running on this server. I was there a way to 
reduce this lag? The latest thing that I was going to test out is to see if 
the fact that I have chatter on as well as developer 2 logging set for each 
of these servers...if this will cause or attribute to some of the server lag 
that I"m getting. ...also if removing these two entries would reduce some of 
the lag.

Also..I've noticed that the size of each instance starts off with a SIZE of 
about 65M and then eventually goes to about to about there some 
sort of leakage happening?


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