[mohaa] Performance isses on linux moh servers...

Ian Knight ian at 34sp.com
Tue Dec 17 12:05:10 EST 2002

AQ> I have a plethora of bandwidth being behind direct 4x1000mbps fiber links to
AQ> a backbone spread across multiple oc48's. Although 8-10 servers does suck up 
AQ> alot of bw, I should be able to accommodate that. Also, I'm not getting high 
AQ> pings within each game when fully populated...what I'm getting seems to be 
AQ> server lag where pings are fine, but there is slowdown seen by everyone 
AQ> occasionally.

This is the same as what i am getting so if anyone has an answer would
be gratful, i was wondering if it could be to do with the onboard gfx
card if it is used at all for anything - could this effect it? Seems
to be ok if knock the sv_fps to under 15

Best regards,
 Ian                            mailto:ian at 34sp.com

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