[mohaa] Performance isses on linux moh servers...

Anthony Quon anthonyquon at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 17 11:47:10 EST 2002

I have a plethora of bandwidth being behind direct 4x1000mbps fiber links to 
a backbone spread across multiple oc48's. Although 8-10 servers does suck up 
alot of bw, I should be able to accommodate that. Also, I'm not getting high 
pings within each game when fully populated...what I'm getting seems to be 
server lag where pings are fine, but there is slowdown seen by everyone 

Thanks much,

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>Subject: RE: [mohaa] Performance isses on linux moh servers...
>Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:36:04 -0500
>My question would be what is your upload/download speed? 8-10 servers on
>that server seems like a lot, but if the pings are alright from your
>intranet (while the server is full??), then its probably not a hardware
>issue. High pings from the net probably indicate a lack of bandwidth.....
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>Subject: [mohaa] Performance isses on linux moh servers...
>Hi there, I was curious of what people did to improve their moh server
>performance numbers on thir linux servers. This is my current system
>Dual Athlon MP2000+ processors
>2 Gig ram
>2 36Gig WD ide drives raided
>Linux Redhat 7.3 stock
>I have about 8-10 moh instances up on this particular server and although
>pings are doing very well behind my network, I am getting alot of 'server
>Looking at the system, I notice that the cpu usages are not balanced..which
>is expected but one of the cpu's do hit around 85% busy with the other 
>about 60% busy. Is there anyway to reduce the system utilization? Possibly,
>os tuning or process tuning?
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