[mohaa] Server Logging Problems

Josh Berry josh at chickenmonkey.co.uk
Wed Dec 11 16:08:30 EST 2002

Thanks a lot shockwave, got it working now and even in a separate
directory to the main (which means I can NFS mount it to the monitoring
server :)


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Hello Josh,

I have a server administration tool that relies on game server log
output so
I've spent some time figuring out how to do it.  I don't think that your
"g_log" cvar does anything for you at all.  Here's an excerpt from the
README file for the program I wrote that has information about log file

Logfile 2
developer 2

The logfile setting tells the game server to create a continuous log
containing detailed game information.  The developer setting generates
game server messages.  As a side note, if you are going to change the
server's default logfile settings, the best way to do it is to include
commands on the command line rather than in a configuration file due to
way the game processes parameter information.  Here are the two settings
with some sample arguments:

+set fs_outputpath /tmp
+set logfilename server1.log

Using the above settings as an example, a log file named "server1.log"
be created in the "/tmp/main" subdirectory.  These settings need to be
changed if you are running more than one game server on the system so
separate log files can be created.  Another setting that helps is this:

sv_chatter 1

This makes player chat show up in the server logs.

What Andre said is exactly correct.  If you use the defaults and logging
functioning properly, your log file will be right where he says it is.


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> Hi Josh,
> normaly when you do not give a path the log file will be created in
> homedirectory of the user starting mohaa.
> so that is:   ~/.mohaa/main/qconsole.log
> I hope this helps.
> Andre
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am having trouble getting my linux server to create log files. I
> > the following in my server.cfg
> >
> > // Logs
> >
> > seta g_log "1"
> > seta logfile "3"
> > seta developer "1"
> > seta g_logsync "0"
> >
> > and have also tried without the line
> >
> > seta g_log "1"
> >
> > but it doesn't seem to create a logfile in the main directory.
> >
> > Any help greatly appriciated
> >
> > --
> > Josh
> > http://www.chickenmonkey.co.uk
> >
> >

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