[lugaru] Lag in response.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu May 13 19:27:09 EDT 2010

As real life always conflicts with fun, I've been out of town for my  
brother's wedding all week.

I'm triaging patches when I can (the priest already teased me for  
sneaking off to use my laptop during a lull in the rehearsal) but if  
you posted a good patch and got no response, it's likely I haven't  
gotten to it yet. Don't be afraid to ping me if you feel you didn't  
get proper attention. I also like to hear about patches you find in  
other repos that we might want to merge.

That being said, we're already making great progress. There were about  
50 commits in the repo, over five years, when we released the source  
two days ago, and we've already tripled that! I salute you all.


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