[lugaru] Lugaru crashing Xorg-1.8

Ryan ryan at grayrabble.org
Wed Jun 9 00:16:03 EDT 2010

> Weird, haven't seen any of those bugs before.  Have you tried
> reverting to something close to the original open-source drop,
> in case they're regressions?

I first check out pretty much as soon as it was open sourced, so I don't  
think reverting affects my bug. It's been giving me the same errors since  
I first checked the code out, too. I was even running xorg 1.7 when it was  
open-sourced, I think it got updated within a few days, Lugaru still  

> Can you attach /var/log/Xorg.0.log?  It should contain a backtrace,
> and maybe driver error messages.
> - Chris.

Ok, should be attached.
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