[lokisetup] plugins in SETUP_2_0...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Jun 7 14:37:29 EDT 2005

> Well, having read all that, I have a simple Question; doesn't PhysFS
> already do a lot of this stuff? Could PhysFS be reappropriated for this?

I considered that briefly (having the same realization), but this is a 
cut-down physfs API in the same way that physfs is a cut-down POSIX file 
api in many regards.

But physfs is too much complexity and functionality for what we need, 
and assumes a certain amount of random access is available, which it 
isn't in a tar.bz2 file...this one is designed to assume you're going 
from start to finish in an archive without prior knowledge of what the 
future contents of that file will contain, in order to accomodate that.

Granted, if there's something useful in Physfs, we should just 
cut-and-paste it in. That's actually where the .zip file code in 
loki_setup 1.0 came from, and maybe there's some small bits of platform 
glue in PhysFS that's useful, like CD-ROM detection, but definitely not 
enough to merit a wholesale inclusion in loki_setup.

Stephane, what changes are you planning to basic file i/o? I can get 
started on the plugin changes if you can give me an idea about that.


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