[lokisetup] 2.0 branch

eviltypeguy at icculus.org eviltypeguy at icculus.org
Fri Jun 3 14:15:09 EDT 2005

Quoting Chris Thielen <chris at luethy.net>:

> I know the general rule is to not ask for things unless you're willing to
> write them yourself, but any chance a rewrite could be done in wxWindow
> instead of GTK+2 so there can be native-looking Mac OS and Windows
> installers. It's something I'd like to see, but I don't know if the project's
> direction is overtly concerned with native-looking cross platform
> compatibility.

Maybe it's just me, but I think it would be better to separate the backend from
the frontend long term. This being so that people could write multiple native
frontends to the installer instead of depending on "cross-platform" toolkits
like wxWindows. My personal opinion is that people who like developing for
their own platform tend to prefer that. The other advantage to doing it is that
you can do nifty things like remote web based installs (think remote installs of
game server software). A similar installer project (though for an operating
system) that does this can be found at:


Disclaimer: I worked on this project, so I'm biased :)

Obviously, I'm not an active contributor to Loki Installer, so feel free to
ignore comments from the peanut gallery ;)


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