2.0 branch

Stéphane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Thu Jun 2 22:31:57 EDT 2005

Hey guys,

I've had some spare cycles lately and I thought now may be a good  
time to branch the loki_setup 1.6.x source code and start working on  
the 2.0 code. It's about time we started working on a major overhaul  
of the code, and since I just released Makeself 2.1.4 it's as good a  
time as ever. I think I'll probably create a new branch tomorrow. We  
may want to consider releasing an official 1.7 release at the same  
time. I think that would actually be the first post-Loki release...

The initial focus for the new branch would be a major rewrite of the  
whole UI system to decouple file I/O from the user interaction code.  
A GTK 2.x port would also be nice, among other things.

Stéphane Peter
megastep at megastep.org

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